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How it works

QRsignal connects physical world with the digital world through your customer's smartphone. By scanning the QR code and sending the signal customers can let you know what should be fixed, what service is required or simply submit the immediate feedback.

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Improve customer experience

Show customers you are ready to listen what really matters for them here and now. QRsignal provides you with the possibility to react immediately on the customer signals. Let your customers share their needs and help you to improve the service.

Save costs

Make your team effort savvy and lean – manage signals and fix issues instantly with no paper-stuff and add-on tools, avoid misinterpretations and simplify the routines, analyse signals to prevent issues and improve your business decisions.

Increase your revenue

With QRsignal you can offer additional services increasing your upselling revenue. Win and keep new customers!

Get transparency

Stay focused - choose your dashboard filters, set up restrictions and notifications, customise objects and actions to fit your business needs.

Looking for improvement possibilities?

Be innovative by introducing new ways to interact with your customers - use advantages of both technology and social media. Get your competitive opportunity to build trust and improve customer experience - make it agile, personalized and bring fun element through the gamification approach.


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