QRsignal for Facility Management,
Real Estate and House management

Did you know that in 2018, 52.2% of all worldwide online traffic was generated through mobile phones? Already since 2017, digital minutes from mobile are reaching up to 90% in some regions (according to data from statista.com).
QRsignal offers digital solution that will be available for your customers right in their mobile phone. Find out more on this page!

Want to get a great communication channel for your service, with instant issue and feedback reporting from your customers and excellent follow-up opportunity to the updates and maintenance tasks done?

With QRsignal digital solution you will leverage technology in the workplace, add process automation to get productivity boost both for your team and the customer, empowering service deliveries with the data.

Watch short animation how QRsignal can be used for facility management right here, or skroll down to check case study video from coworking space.

Benefits of QRsignal

  • use any/multiple languages on mobile landing pages
  • get reports, e-mail notifications or even SMS-notifications
  • no need to download specific application and registering for end users (your customers)
  • same QR can contain different features/information available for registered (based on access level) and unregistered end-users

Case studies & testimonials

Case study: coworking space TEIKUMS

TEIKUMS, leading coworking and experimental workspace in Riga, implemented QRsignal digital solution to provide better experience for its visitors and residents.
QR code labels, backed by branded mobile pages created in QRsignal solution, are placed in meeting rooms, on printers, in kitchens and WCs and in events venue.

Let’s check what TEIKUMS team is saying about using QRsignal:

Check how it works

Scan the QR code or follow the link to see example configuration for house management. This is just Demo object - both design and features can be customised for your needs!